11 Best Breakfast Restaurants in St. Paul

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11 Best Breakfast Restaurants in St. Paul

Burger Dive

Yes, this is breakfast in a bar. A dive bar breakfast is a hallmark of rural Minnesota, where a beer and a bump might be ordered at any time of the day, especially if there are third shift workers just finishing their day as the sun comes up. Burger Dive brings back that tradition, tucked into a historically blue collar neighborhood with a hearty breakfast selection including, as the name implies, a fantastic breakfast burger. If a more traditional breakfast is your choice there is a whole selection of dinner-plate sized pancakes, a kids menu, and perfectly prepared eggs with all the fixings.

Thirty-Six Cafe

Thirty-Six Cafe is an Instagram influencer’s dream location. An entire wall is covered with blush colored flowers and the smoothie bowls are stunning. However, this little cafe on Grand Avenue is perhaps best known for its souffle pancakes: sky high and jiggly, these fluffy treats take a little while to make. So, it’s best to go with a friend ready for a long catch up over bowl-sized coffee drinks and savor the dishes and memories made over them.

Mickey’s by Willy

And last but absolutely not least, along a busy stretch of West 7th, is a 1950s style diner that often flies under the radar of non-locals. Open 24 hours with affordable prices and hashbrowns so good they’ll haunt your dreams, Mickey’s by Willy is an institution in the Twin Cities. While it shares a name and similar menu items with the downtown diner car, this spot is roomier and easier to access, with plenty of parking. Order America’s Favorite all day with eggs the way you like, those hashbrowns, breakfast meat, and a choice of toast. It’s simple, hearty, and damn tasty. The is also the sort of place where a coffee cup never reaches empty, and the servers take zero flack. Tip generously and appreciate a living legend.


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