5 Superb Fort Pierce Restaurants on the Water

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5 Superb Fort Pierce Restaurants on the Water

Enjoying some of the best Fort Pierce restaurants on the water promises more than just a meal. The lineups of waterfront restaurants in Fort Pierce each offer a uniquely immersive ambiance to experience the area.

Sip on a chilled tropical drink as the dim hum of conversation and the gentle lull of the waves add a hypnotizing soundtrack to your supper. Take in panoramic Fort Pierce views that stretch out to the horizon and a parade of flavors where the bounty of the sea meets culinary expertise.

This may be a relatively small town, but restaurants in Fort Pierce on the water aren’t just your typical eateries, they tell a story of the city’s personality and history. They also offer up local fare that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

fort pierce restaurants on the water

From historic buildings that tell tales of coastal and maritime past, to more modern locations that highlight a more contemporary flair, the one thing they all have in common is a commitment to using fresh local cuisine and produce while surrounded by breathtaking Treasure Coast scenery.

We’re going to take a journey through the top Fort Pierce restaurants on the water, where the combination of the ambiance, flavors, and view create the perfect blend of sensory delights.

From dockside eateries to more elegant waterfront dining spaces, dinner with friends to a romantic outing for two, these Fort Pierce waterfront restaurants promise an unforgettable dining experience.

12A Buoy Seafood Restaurant

One of the mainstays at the growing Fisherman’s Wharf, 12A Buoy brings visitors an authentic slice of Fort Pierce’s maritime heritage.

This fish market has transformed from a once-humble destination into a beloved local waterfront dining spot where the casual nautical decor helps you relax and unwind with a bit of coastal flair while you take in the stunning views of the Indian River Lagoon during sunset.

The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for anyone who enjoys the simple pleasures of good food, good company, and a quiet spot on the water.

The dinner menu at 12A Buoy is going to showcase some of the local treasures of the sea, with a heavy focus on local market seafood.

One of the local favorites is the New England clam chowder, known for being incredibly rich and creamy, while the Lobster Mac & Cheese blends the comfort of a homestyle classic with the luxury of pieces of freshly caught lobster.

No matter what you order here, every dish promises to reflect the commitment of the restaurant to top quality and indulgent flavor, creating a total dining experience that is satisfying and memorable.

Cobb's Landing Fort Pierce

Cobb’s Landing is a vibrant escape in Fort Pierce, and the welcoming Tiki hut vibes and waterfront views capture the essence of the laid-back Florida style.

The ambiance here is about embracing the joy of seaside dining, where the breeze carries the salty scent of the water and the rhythm of the waves and local music to set the scene for a leisurely and delicious meal.

Cobb’s Landing is the kind of place where time seems to slow down, and you can savor every bite and every moment. It provides another twist to the captivating ambiance that Fort Pierce restaurants always seem to convey.

This place is well known for having a creative take on the typical seafood and American fare classics while bringing a touch of the tropics to every plate.

One of the notable dishes here is the Coconut Shrimp, with its crispy exterior and juicy interior, served alongside a tangy mango salsa, which makes a perfect starter that sets the tone for the culinary journey ahead.

For a comforting yet sophisticated blend of flavors, there is the Shrimp & Grits, not limited to breakfast offerings and available all day long, and the tenderloin tips drenched in a rich demi-glace, bringing a hearty and satisfying feeling to your evening.

Every single dish at Cobb’s Landing shows its flair for combining fresh ingredients with inventive recipes and flawless preparation.

Crabby's Dockside Fort Pierce

Located conveniently at the Fort Pierce Marina, Crabby’s is the perfect place to go for an ultra-relaxed dining atmosphere that is combined with a gorgeous marina vista.

The restaurant has great reviews and is designed with open-air seating and maritime decor, so it naturally feels like it’s inviting visitors to make themselves at home and really immerse themselves in the quintessential Treasure Coast waterfront dining experience.

For a place where you can soak in a panoramic waterfront view while dining to the sounds of laughter and the waves, you need to make your way to Crabby’s.

Crabby’s is a local hotspot for seafood lovers, and it offers a diverse menu that focuses on adapting to the best local catches, like the Red Gulf Grouper, served with a side of the restaurant’s signature seasoning, which is a standout dish that perfectly showcases what Crabby’s Dockside is all about.

If you’re looking for a continental seaside classic, Crabby’s Special Fish & Chips offers a satisfying crunch with every bite, and visitors looking to put a sweet finish on their dining experience should make sure they don’t skip on the Key Lime pie.

skippers cove bar and grill fort pierce

Skipper’s Cove offers a serene waterfront dining experience with a variety of delicious seafood, sushi, and cocktail options.

The ambiance is relaxed and casual, which is perfectly complemented by the location among pristine water views and opportunities for yacht-spotting.

There is indoor and outdoor seating available, making Skipper’s Cove a great place for lunch, dinner, or just hanging out and soaking in the live music, panoramic views, and delicious drinks.

Some of the popular dishes here include an avocado-blackened Mahi, along with conch fritters and various cuts of meat available from the grill.

On the Edge Bar & Grill Fort Pierce

On the Edge is a unique dining experience that’s located on the literal edge of the Fort Pierce Inlet, and is a family-owned establishment that’s most well-known for the thatched-roof charm and stunning views of the inlet, particularly at sunset.

The atmosphere here is steeped in the natural Treasure Coast sense of island relaxation, making it a prime spot for anybody looking for a spot to enjoy a great meal and a great view.

There’s an obvious commitment here to crafting a welcoming space that is ready to support a memorable dining experience with a warm vibe and scenic location.

On the Edge specializes in creating a unique blend of classic pub fare with local Florida flavors, making sure there’s always an interesting option or two for every palate.

Some of the notable favorites here include the Mahi Rachel, which is a lighter take on a traditional sandwich great for those not looking for anything too filling, while the Fresh Fish Catch of the Day, prepared according to your preference and served with two sides, showcases a variety of the freshest local seafood.

More Options

It’s worth mentioning some more great Fort Pierce restaurants on the water that could’ve very well been included on this list.

One of the newer options is Square Grouper, which is a laid-back spot with self-serve tables and is popular for bar tapas and sunset drinks. Chucks Seafood Restaurant is a Fort Pierce classic that serves up recipes from the 1940s, offering outdoor seating and live music.

Another good place to consider is Manatee Island, which also has a casual vibe but is a great restaurant for a date night. They’ve got reasonably priced food and waterfront views that you’ve probably come to expect by now if you’ve read the entire article!

As we wrap up our look at some of the leading waterfront Fort Pierce restaurants, it should be evident that no matter what kind of craving or palate you have, there should be plenty of options available in the thriving waterfront dining scene here.

Anyone with a love of food who finds themselves traveling to the Fort Pierce area will find that this is a place where each meal can be complemented by breathtaking waterfront views, the gentle caress of the breeze, and the soft lapping of the waves on the shore.


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