A Web Development Company to Entrust Your Projects to

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A Web Development Company to Entrust Your Projects to

Website and CMS Development

In order to provide you with a modern-looking and highly functional website, we assume full responsibility for its bespoke CMS, visually clean and intuitive UI, mobile responsiveness, fast loading speed, integration of social media, privacy compliance and SEO issues, analytics tools, and overall accessibility.

Work with us to get:

  • Portals for staff and client support representatives;
  • Content websites;
  • Platforms for end-clients.
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Headless Projects

Your company will benefit from much greater flexibility in terms of applicable modern technologies and frameworks, reduced time-to-market for new features, system scalability, lightning-fast web performance, etc.

Andersen is ready to assist you with:

  • Headless engineering for web portals and various corporate needs;
  • Re-platforming to a headless architecture;
  • Headless API development for external integrations.

Progressive Web Apps

Andersen will unleash the full potential of Progressive Web Apps for you. The resulting easily discoverable, linkable, and high-performing product will match all criteria in terms of cross-platform compatibility, ensuring pleasant and engaging app experiences for end-users.

Andersen offers:

  • PWA development;
  • PWA migration;
  • Integration of PWAs with external IT systems.
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UI/UX for Web Projects

Collaborate with our world-class in-house UI/UX experts to achieve the best possible results. Craft interfaces that not only resonate with end-users but also impeccably reflect your brand's unique ethos, advantages, and values.

Here is how we can help:

  • User research;
  • Planning, blueprinting, and design;
  • UI/UX audits and upgrades.
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Staff Augmentation for Web Projects

If you have everything planned and ready to get to work but lack certain professionals, our company will quickly allocate the needed talent within the agreed budget. Having implemented multiple Web development projects before, we know how to get things done to meet deadlines and not go over budget.

Andersen’s Staff Augmentation scope for Web includes:

  • A wide talent pool with great qualifications;
  • Timely delivery under your guidance and full control;
  • Scalability, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.
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QA for Web Projects

Andersen’s QA scope for Web projects encompasses all facets mandated by end-users’ high expectations. With our Web Testing Services, you can be sure that the product meets all modern requirements and promises convenient, productive, and seamless experiences.

Andersen’s QA Services cover:

  • Functional, compatibility, and performance testing;
  • Usability and accessibility testing;
  • Localization, security, and recovery testing.
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