An exquisite selection of restaurants for gourmets in Crete

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An exquisite selection of restaurants for gourmets in Crete


The Greek Mediterranean island of Crete is a hidden gem when it comes to culinary delights. Apart from exceptional Michelin-starred cuisine featuring unique sophisticated creations and the famous Greek classics, you can savor an unparalleled and distinctive array of flavors on the island. Cretan cuisine distinguishes itself from that of mainland Greece and deviates from the culinary traditions of other Greek islands.

Wholesome, aromatic, diverse: the Crete diet is a sensory feast. Countless plants, shrubs, and trees flourish on our Mediterranean island and serve as the foundation for aromatic dishes. Pastoral meadows in the picturesque landscape are grazed upon by sheep and goats, providing delicious dairy products and hearty meat specialties. From olives to cheese and seafood, the Cretan diet encompasses everything associated with Mediterranean gastronomy. Additionally, the island's rich history enhances the local cuisine. Over the centuries, cultural influences have shaped food and beverages, resulting in delightful dishes that are health-conscious, easily digested, and flavorful. Achieving a balanced diet is guaranteed with these culinary options.




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