Best Restaurants in Chicago – The Magnificent Mile

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Best Restaurants in Chicago – The Magnificent Mile

Chicago Classics

Did you know deep dish pizza was first created in a kitchen just blocks away from The Magnificent Mile by Chef Lou Malnati? Today, there are several popular restaurants to choose from if you want to try the Chicago staple.

Indulge in local favorites, from a classic Chicago hot dog and delicious Eli's Cheesecake to Chicago’s cheesy-caramel popcorn mix and other famous flavors from Garrett Popcorn Shops. 

International Cuisine

Chicago is a cultural melting pot, and the mix of international flavors is most accessible within walking distance of The Magnificent Mile's famous shopping, hotels, and attractions. Neighborhood favorites honor a rich heritage of classic dishes from around the world, while some hot spots offer a modern twist on ethnic cuisine.

Fine Dining

With a steakhouse around nearly every corner and fresh seafood flown in daily, The Magnificent Mile is home to some of the finest dining in the country. World Renowned and Michelin Star Chefs work each day to bring the most elegant and exquisite flavors to Downtown Chicago. 

Quick Bites

Don't have time for a sit down meal? You can find high quality, delicious quick bites all over the The Magnificent Mile. Whether it be a savory sandwich or sweet treat made fresh in a bakery or a mouthwatering burger, you will find exactly what you need to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds!

Our directory for eating out in The Magnificent Mile district is the essential list of Chicago’s best steakhouses, seafood restaurants, bars, international cuisine, cafes and more.


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