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Buy Groceries Online | Online Grocery Shopping | ShopFoodEx – Buy Groceries Online

Where Can We Ship Groceries? To and you!

Groceries Can Be Shipped to You in the Following Locations:

  • Every State in the United States
  • Army Post Office (APO)
  • Fleet Post Office (FPO)
  • Diplomatic Post Office (DPO)

Grocery Delivery to APO

We take pride in shipping groceries to all APO and FPO addresses. We ship via the USPS Priority Mail and shipping includes full insurance at no additional cost.

Grocery Delivery to Diplomatic Pouch

There are strict regulations in place for groceries being shipped via the pouch service (DPO) so please familiarize yourself with these rules before placing an order. DPO orders are shipped via UPS Ground.

Searching for a Specific Grocery Item? How to Utilize our Online Search Function ...

Buying groceries at ShopFoodEx is simple with our search feature!

You have the option to find a grocery item by browsing the Grocery Aisles as you would in a traditional grocery store, or you can use our search function located above the Aisles.

While using the Search feature, you will notice that as it starts finding matches, it will suggest terms for you to consider.

It is recommended to be as precise as possible. For instance, when searching for candy, instead of entering "candy", start typing the name of the specific candy you wish to purchase.

If you see the desired item in our suggestion list, simply click on it. If not, press the enter key on your keyboard or click the search icon to view the full search results.

Once you obtain the search results, you have the option to search within the results to narrow down your choices or commence a new search.

If you are unable to find the grocery item you desire, please reach out to us!

Creating an online grocery list using our Shopping List feature...paper not required!

Purchasing groceries online at ShopFoodEx is rapid with a list!

If you wish to compile a grocery list while shopping online at ShopFoodEx, simply locate each grocery item and click the Add to Shopping List link.

When you want to view your list, click on the Shopping List in the top navigation bar.

While viewing your Shopping List, you can choose which items to add or remove from your cart by checking or unchecking the respective boxes.

Remember, if you wish to save your Shopping List from one visit to another, you must be logged into your account so we can associate it with you!

If that weren't easy enough, you can add all of the items in your grocery order to your Shopping List at the end of checkout.

If only shopping for groceries was always this effortless!

Managing Your Online Grocery Cart

Purchasing groceries online at ShopFoodEx is speedy without the need for wheels!

Found the grocery item you wish to purchase? It's as effortless as clicking the Buy Now button to add it to your shopping cart. Another click, and you've added another one. Want even more? Simply click the + icon until you reach your desired quantity, and then add all of them to your cart with one click of the Buy Now button.

If you are unsure what is in your cart, simply hover your mouse over it to preview.

If you wish to make adjustments, click the Your Cart link (located at the top right of the website) to see the complete contents of your cart. From here, you can modify quantities or remove items. Once finished, you can continue shopping online for more groceries or proceed to checkout.

Where else can you navigate a shopping cart with just one hand?

Same Order Again? Just order The Usual ...

Purchasing groceries online at ShopFoodEx is simple with re-ordering!

Once you complete your order and checkout, you can label your grocery order as the "Usual".

The "Set as Usual" option is particularly useful if you consistently buy the same items. 

After having a "Usual", you can simply click the Re-Order link on your subsequent visit, log in, and find your groceries already in your cart. You can then proceed to checkout or adjust quantities or continue shopping and add other grocery items to your cart.

Furthermore, after completing checkout, you can designate this new order as your new "Usual"!

No restrictions on how individual you wish your orders to be!

Checking out ... the significance of accurate addresses

Purchasing groceries online at ShopFoodEx offers flexibility!

You can order your groceries online from your computer and have them shipped anywhere! You can have one address for billing and another for delivery. You can even change the shipping location from order to order, whether it's your office, home, or any place in the country!

To initiate the checkout process, click on the Review Order and Checkout button. There, you can review all the items in your cart and make any necessary modifications to your order.

First, ensure that your shipping details are accurate. A wrong shipping address can cause delays.

Second, select your preferred Payment Method and double-check that you have entered your billing information correctly. An incorrect billing address may result in your credit card being declined during final processing.

Third, carefully review your entire order before proceeding. If you are satisfied with the order details, click the Confirm Order button to complete your purchase.

If you are using PayPal as your payment method, don't forget to return to the site to set up your Usual order or add the items to your Quick List!

Checking out ... is it usually this quick?

Grocery Item Substitutions ... You say tom-ate-o and I say tom-ah-toe

When you purchase groceries online at ShopFoodEx, we will not substitute items unless authorized.

Substituting a grocery item means replacing it with a similar item that we choose on your behalf.

We offer you the option to allow substitutions for individual grocery items:

  • If you WANT us to substitute a grocery item that may be out of stock, simply check the substitution box for that specific item.
  • If you DO NOT WANT us to substitute a grocery item, leave the box unchecked, and if it is out of stock, we will remove it from your online grocery order.

Our substitutions adhere to logical guidelines. We will substitute a can of diced tomatoes for another can of diced tomatoes...

The bottom line? Just leave that substitution box unchecked if you don't want a substitution and check it if you do!

You ordered your groceries online, so where are they?

You can purchase groceries online from ShopFoodEx and have them shipped to virtually any location!

Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Roanoke, Virginia, and are usually dispatched within 2-4 business days. Once shipped, it typically takes 2-8 business days for your order to arrive. You will receive an automated email with your tracking information once your order has been shipped. No signature is required for delivery. The carrier will exercise discretion when leaving your package, ensuring it is safe.

How is my order being shipped?

USPS Delivery

Orders weighing less than 10 pounds are usually shipped via USPS Priority Mail, USPS Ground Advantage, or UPS SurePost (*) at our discretion. Please allow 2-8 business days for delivery.

(* SurePost packages are picked up and routed via UPS, with the final delivery being made by the USPS)

UPS Delivery

Orders weighing over 10 pounds are typically shipped via UPS Ground Service and can take from 1-5 business days to arrive.

Military Delivery

The USPS states that it can take up to 45 days for an order to arrive at an APO/FPO address. However, customer feedback indicates that APO AE and APO AA orders typically arrive within 7-14 days. Orders shipped to APO AP (Pacific) addresses may take longer to arrive.

We will provide you with a Tracking Number once your order is shipped!

Received the wrong grocery item? Here is what to do...

When you purchase groceries online at ShopFoodEx, you can have peace of mind.

If we have shipped you an incorrect grocery item, please inform us immediately.

You can email us at or call our customer service number at 1-540-354-1565 for instructions on how to proceed in this unlikely situation.

We will rectify the situation by either shipping the correct grocery item or issuing a refund if it is unavailable.

Please note that we cannot issue refunds for opened grocery items. So please refrain from opening them!


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