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Food Darzee

India is widely regarded as the diabetes capital of the world. We have taken up the challenge to change this.

Nutritionist Consultation : Our nutritionist will conduct a thorough assessment, understanding your needs and limitations. Certain ingredients that might be harmful to you will be identified. Our team will constantly track your progress and make changes to your meals basis your feedback. For eg, if a certain ingredient or dish causes a glucose spike for you, it will be removed going forward.

Meal Delivery : Our meals are calorie counted, each ingredient measured and added into the meal. The nutritionist will ask you to send us your glucose level after meal consumption and accordingly alter the plan. We will be giving you healthier versions of your favourite dishes. The aim would be to make this journey as simple as possible for you. The food will taste great and will still keep your levels in check.

Lifestyle Guidance :Our dedicated team will advise and guide you along your journey to make the necessary lifestyle changes to tackle diabetes. We will advise you on workout plans and sustainable food fillers as well

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