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Heirloom – Phantom Gourmet

A great brunch spot needs delicious breakfast, lunch and coffee. Luckily for you brunch lovers, the folks from Dumpling Daughter have now brought Heirloom to Weston.

Kyle and Nadia Spellman were born and raised in Weston. They still live here. And they always thought the town needed a place just like this.

The goal of heirloom Weston is to really make everyone feel like they’re at home.  We want it to feel welcoming, cozy, but also better food than at your own home.The idea of a restaurant in Weston came from my late father.  And so the idea of this restaurant is an Heirloom.  So all the pictures in the restaurant is of our family and previous generations.

I think this was the one thing that was really missing in the town of Weston.  And to see the community embrace it.  It’s kind of like Central Perk from Friends.

Heirloom is the kind of spot everybody wishes that they had in their neighborhood. The vibe is just friendly and fun. You order at the counter.  There are tables both inside and outside. Nostalgic photos on the wall and of course great food. In the kitchen, they’re doing everything from scratch. The baked goods are homemade, the coffee is fresh, and the chef really knows what she’s doing. Heirloom even has a baker who is a local mom so everything here is made with love.

The foundation the menu is everything you wanted your mom to make you so pancakes, waffles, breakfast sandwiches, peekaboo eggs.   Our cold brew is on tap. Our lattes, americanos…cappuccinos, they’re all made from scratch.  I think the food speaks for itself.

I live a little bit like a farmer I wake up early every day and I have eggs but sometimes eggs can have little sameness and they get a little blend so when I need a break out of my egg shell rut, I come to Heirloom in  Weston. I’ve never seen this on any other menu. It’s called Turkish eggs.  The Turkish eggs are actually a very traditional dish in Turkey.  We take the Greek yogurt. We top it with poached eggs, and we put our own version of chili oil with some crisp in there. And we top it with a Chinese rice cake. It’s super crunchy and you can scoop up all the residuals of your dish with the rice cake. I have never seen more interesting eggs with more international flavor and I am including the International House of Pancakes.

What I love about Nadia is.  She scoured the globe to find the best English muffin and she found it Wolferman’s.  They’ve been making these in Kansas City since 1888. And when you grill it and butter it there is no finer English muffin.

When you bite into our English muffin you’ve got so many textures, you’ve got the crispy, the chewy, the soft, and it really traps the butter or whatever you’re eating inside.

This is the pitstop breakfast sandwich of course you’ve got the Wolferman’s muffin, but then you’ve got a couple of fluffy eggs Havarti cheese and sausage. You can also get it with ham and bacon. Breakfast sandwiches do not get any better than this.

Avocado toast is all the rage on brunch menus these days and they make great one here.

Ours has beautiful colors, but also textures,  the crispy onions, the nut free pesto that we make in house and zesting fresh orange on it. So it hits so many different notes on flavor and texture and also aesthetically beautiful.

It’s got the crunchiness of the toast and the smoothness of the avocado and you get some real bite from those pickled onions.  This is really guaranteed to wake up your taste buds.

This is the golden Belgian waffle. To me, this is the ultimate brunch because it’s crispy on the outside. It’s soft on the inside.   I really take my time and put butter and syrup into every one of these holes here.

Just seeing that even color, that crisp waffle with the squares inside and then all the maple syrup goes in the squares and the butter melts in. It’s just such a treat.

You might not expect to find a hot dog on this menu but this is no ordinary hot dog. This is a 100% grass fed all beef hot dog with candied jalapeno relish and heirloom mustard on a toasted buttered brioche bun. That is one heck of a dog.

The mustard is a little bit spicy. The jalapeno again is a little bit spicy, but quite sweet. And then you’ve got the tender hotdog and the buttered brioche bun that I just love.

With all due respect to the Red Sox you are not getting a hot dog like this at Fenway Park.

You’ve heard of a BLT but this is a BLAT. It’s got bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato. And I have to say it does take this sandwich to another level.

We add avocado to it to make it extra creamy. Because then you have the crunchy bread, the creamy avocado, the crunchy bacon, lettuce and the tender tomatoes. And it’s really a multi level textured sandwich that we love.

What I love about this BLT is it’s got avocado for the health nuts it’s got bacon for the Phantom Gourmet fans.

Whether you’re craving breakfast lunch or just a coffee of baked goods to go you have to visit Heirloom in Weston.


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