How to Choose a Website Builder

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How to Choose a Website Builder

Choosing the Ideal Website Constructor for You

Designing an entire website from scratch can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you are a novice. Thankfully, these days it is simpler than ever to construct your own website, even if you don’t possess any technical abilities or programming knowledge. You can get started right away with a website constructor.

What is a Website Constructor?

A website constructor is a downloadable software package or an accessible online platform you can utilize to create web pages and blogs and build your own website without manually editing the code. Accessing the finest website constructor software online tends to be more popular due to its relatively low cost and user-friendly interfaces. Some website software is based on powerful editors like WordPress. It’s always ideal to go with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing when you build your own website because this lets you visualize all aspects of your pages during the creation phase and see exactly what it’ll look like when published.

Suggested Website Constructors

These are some of the most suggested website constructors:

What Kind of Website Do You Desire?

There are many different reasons why someone may desire their own website. Perhaps you just need a temporary website to announce details for an upcoming special event such as a bar mitzvah, family reunion, or wedding website. Maybe you own a small business and want a website to promote your services or where customers can even purchase products directly. A website constructor can assist you in achieving all of these things for affordable prices, and sometimes even for free! They are easy to use so you don’t need any experience with coding or design to create a website that is attractive and will help you achieve your goals

The website constructors that we recommend tend to be so intuitive that you won’t even need to do a web search for “how to start a blog” or “how to build a photography website.” You’ll easily comprehend how to accomplish the design you desire.

Certain website constructors are better for e-commerce ventures than others, as they may offer things like secure shopping certificates, inventory management, and the ability to process different payment methods. Promoting your eCommerce website built with Network Solutions website constructor is very easy since you have everything set in place for you: social sharing buttons, search engine optimized website code, and XML sitemaps, not to mention being eligible for MonsterMarketplace submission.

Other site constructors may be better suited for blogs and events than e-commerce. Still, other categories tend to overlap, as is the case for photography websites, which can be used both for displaying your pictures as well as for booking photography sessions or buying prints of your work. Either way, it’s important to choose the best website constructor for the type of website that you want to create.

Wix has the option to explore over  800 designer-made templates to choose from when creating your site. It is simple to use and you can get started and set up in minutes is considered one of the most affordable DIY site constructors on the market, with basic packages that even include a domain name for life.

Free or Paid Memberships - Which is Superior?

Price is always an important factor when selecting which is the best website constructor software for you, and you will see that the prices vary greatly.

When learning how to make your own website, you should test the services each one of the packages includes, how user-friendly their interface is, do they offer 24/7 support, and how customizable their website templates are. Which tools are automatically included with free packages and which require payment? While starting a blog on your website is often an included component with free packages, eCommerce tools are less likely to be included or may be included only in very limited forms without paying for a premium plan first.

For instance, when you create a website, the domain name and range of website templates are usually limited with free website constructors. has over 1000 templates to choose from and also users receive a Free domain name.

Premium website constructors offer a variety of marketing tools that will help you boost your site’s online visibility and organic traffic. You should probably not be using a free website constructor as it only offers a subdomain, inserting the website software brand’s name as part of your site address– an important aspect if you want to optimize your website for the search engines.

When using a free version of any website building tool to create a website, your site will usually display the web building software’s ads. While in some cases they are barely visible, in others they will catch the visitors’ eye, and distract them from your website’s content. One consideration in deciding whether you want to go with a free or paid membership can be how long you intend your website to be relevant.

For example, if you’re starting a blog, business, or even a photography website, you’re likely thinking long-term and may be more likely to invest a small sum into a paid membership. If, however, you are making a website for a one-time event, you may prefer a free plan or taking advantage of a 30-day free trial of a paid plan.

Mobile Optimization

The best website constructor will provide templates that not only look great on your computer screen but that are also optimized for mobile. Think about it: many people today surf the web from their smartphones or tablets. Have you ever tried to check out a website from your phone and found that the text was incredibly tiny so you’d have to zoom in to read anything? Have you ever tried to make a purchase on such a website, but found your fingers too big and clumsy to navigate product selection and payment processing? Such a website is an example of one that is not optimized for mobile. All of the Wix templates are optimized for mobile.

You’re probably wondering how to start a blog, business site, or general website and ensure that it is mobile-friendly. Using a website constructor that has built-in mobile optimization means that you don’t have to do anything special to make your website mobile-friendly — it’s done automatically for you. Like with they offer a mobile site only as part of a more advanced package. That’s another big plus of using a website constructor to make your own website!

Do-it-Yourself Platform Advantages

DIY online website software tools are a great solution for those who are on a tight budget or not willing to invest too much when they decide to create a website.

Some Do-It-Yourself website constructor software like Wix offers impressive galleries of professional web design templates for each and every area of business. These galleries also include templates for different types of blogs, wedding website designs, photography websites, portfolios, and beyond. Moreover, some of these templates are free of charge and easy to customize. Using these website templates as a basis, you can edit your website’s design any time you want, from any computer. Just by using a drag-and-drop editor like which has a very easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can get a great looking web design that is even more customized than if a designer had built it.

What’s more, your site will be automatically submitted to most search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing so that you can start getting organic traffic. Most DIY website constructors also include easy-to-use SEO tools like Wix which has a complete suite of advanced SEO tools to help you compete in organic search. All you have to do is type them in and save. You certainly should not discount these great benefits of using web building software.

Overall, DIY online constructors are the best website constructors if you want to save a lot of money and effort since you don’t have to pay for the website’s design and code.


When you decide to create a website, we highly recommend using website building software. With such a wide range of site-building tools and platforms available, however, choosing the right one to make your own website with is no easy task.  The best approach to deciding which web building software is the right one for you is to read the reviews and to compare the prices and the services included in the package in order to make an informed decision.


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