How to make a website in 7 steps

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How to make a website in 7 steps

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how to create a website (with wix)

Websites. We’ve all heard of them, visit them and consume their content, but what are they exactly? How do they come into existence? The concise answer is that they are documents that are being read by web browsers and exhibited on your screen, but the detailed answer is much more intricate than that. That’s what we’re here to assist with.

While there are many methods you can take to create a website, a popular choice time and again is to utilize a website builder. Whether you are a novice or a design professional looking to create a website, website builders like Wix offer solutions for your requirements. Our comprehensive guide will guide you through the vital steps you require to build a website. This article will also help you comprehend all of the moving parts that go into a website, no matter which path you take.

How to create a website

  1. Select the website type

  2. Choose a website builder

  3. Generate webpages

  4. Design your site

  5. Acquire a domain name

  6. Choose web hosting

  7. Promote your website

Let’s delve into more details about each of the 7 steps involved in building a website.

01. Select the website type

The creation of your website commences at the conception phase, where you are simply contemplating what kind of website you want. This thought should be driven by your goals for your site and who your target audience is. Do you want to monetize a website? Perhaps you want to share your recipes? Whatever your ultimate goal is, it should be reflected in your choice of website. Only from that point can you genuinely comprehend what platform is the best suited for your requirements, the specifics of what your website should comprise and how long it takes to build your website.

If you have not yet decided on what kind of website best suits you, we suggest taking the time to learn more about the different kinds of websites available and to peruse these website ideas. With so many distinct options out there, this research will help you narrow down the playing field and make an informed decision about your site. We recommend that you jot down some items that stand out to you as you go through these lists and then return to this guide to get you through the remainder of the creation process.

To give you an idea of a few options, here are some of the most popular types of websites and how you can go about making them:

how to create a website - select your type of website

Take note that website types are not mutually exclusive. You can generate an online store that also has a blog. Or you can create a blog and then sell merchandise. One of the best parts of creating your own website is that you have the flexibility to decide what makes the most sense for you. Many distinct elements can be brought together to create a site that fits your requirements.

“Just as us humans, every website has its own requirements. Try to define what those are and what goals you’d like to accomplish in order to create a successful website that is truly original.”

- Adi Huri, Product Marketing Lead for the Wix Brand

If you have already decided on the type of website you want to make, you can start from scratch or browse through website templates that are categorized. There you will find tons of designer made templates for any website niche imaginable. This can help you draw more specific inspiration and comprehend what elements you might want to include when making your site.

02. Choose a website builder

There are a number of different ways to go about creating a website and various Wix tools that can assist you depending on your experience and your requirements. Below are some of the options that we suggest, along with an explanation of how they function and who they are best suited for:

1. Wix ADI

2. Wix Editor

a. Templates

b. From scratch

c. Velo

3. Hire a Professional

01. Wix ADI - AI website builder

Best for: the complete beginner or someone who needs a website made quickly

Wix ADI is a free website creation platform that employs AI website builder technology to build a custom website for you in just minutes. First, you’ll need to answer some questions regarding what type of website you are looking for, what you want your website to contain, as well as some design preferences. Then, you let the tool do the heavy lifting. It will produce a site that is tailor made according to your preferences, with personalized design and content embedded on the site. It will also provide a mobile optimized version of your site without requiring any adjustments.

You can of course go in and make some design changes or tweaks as you see fit, however the technical part will be taken care of. For more advanced capabilities, you can move over to use the regular Wix Editor to add any additional elements you had in mind.

We highly suggest trying Wix ADI if you are unsure about creating a site on your own, just need a little more time on your hands, or are looking for a great starting point for your site.

02. Wix Editor

Best for: anyone looking to create their own site. Can be a beginner or experienced.

The Wix Editor, as it sounds, is a platform that you can use to create and edit your own sites. It employs innovative drag and drop technology which enables you to easily add or change elements on your site and has a plethora of built-in design options. The true benefit of the Editor is that it provides a number of different routes to help you create a professional website and gives you the flexibility to adjust your site as you see fit.

Learn the ins and outs of building a website with the Wix Editor with this online course.

a. Templates

Best for: templates are truly for anyone and everyone looking to get online.

Website templates are a great choice for anyone looking to create their own site. Wix’s templates are made by professional designers, with over 900 options for your choosing. You can be sure that whatever niche your website falls into, there will be a template waiting for you. We suggest exploring these website templates by category to find the one that best suits your needs or design preferences. You can also delve into these Wix websites for inspiration and to give you an idea of what a template looks like in action.

No matter which template you choose, the Wix Editor provides you with the freedom to add and remove site elements with ease so that you can adapt the look and feel of your site. Whenever you choose a template with Wix, you will automatically be taken into the Wix Editor which allows you to customize as you see fit.

How to create a website - choose Website Templates

b. Create a website from scratch

Best for: those who feel comfortable with design and don’t fear the white canvas.

For those looking to build a website from scratch, the Wix Editor is a great option. You can select a totally blank canvas, or a template that has minimal layout built-in without any additional design, leaving the rest up to you. You can even turn your website into an app. This gives you complete freedom to imagine your site in any way that you desire and add any elements that you wish.

Once you pick a blank template, you will be taken directly into the Wix Editor to drag and drop the components that you want. This enables you to play around with layout, colors, buttons, functionalities and much more.

Looking for a lot more customization and control over code? Check out Wix Studio.

how to make a website - select your templates

c. Velo - how to code a website

Best for: those looking for advanced customization capabilities.

Creating your site with the Wix Editor, also allows you to use Velo by Wix. Velo is a coding platform that enables you to add custom functionality to your website, with markup languages like

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