How to make a website in 7 steps

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How to make a website in 7 steps

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how to make a website (with wix)

Websites. We've all heard of them, visit them and consume their content, but what are they exactly? How do they come into existence? The abbreviated answer is that they are documents that are being perused by web browsers and displayed on your screen, yet the more extensive answer is much more intricate. That's where we come in to help answer your queries.

While there are numerous pathways to create a website, a popular option time and time again is to make use of a website builder. Regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced designer looking to establish a website, website builders like Wix offer solutions for your requirements. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through the necessary steps you need to take in order to construct a website. This article will also assist you in understanding all of the moving components involved in a website, irrespective of which route you take.

How to make a website

  1. Determine the website type

  2. Choose a website builder

  3. Create webpages

  4. Design your site

  5. Select a domain name

  6. Choose web hosting

  7. Promote your website

Let's delve into additional details about each of the seven steps involved in building a website.

01. Choose the website type

The creation of your website commences at the conceptualization stage, where you are simply pondering about the kind of website you desire. This deliberation should be driven by your goals for your site and the demographic you want to target. Do you desire to generate revenue from a website? Perhaps you wish to share your recipes? Your ultimate objective should be reflected in your choice of website. Only then can you truly comprehend the most suitable platform for your requirements and the specific contents your website should contain, as well as the time it takes to construct it.

If you have not yet decided on the type of website that suits you best, we recommend delving more deeply into the different kinds of websites available and exploring different website ideas. These resources will help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision about your site. Throughout this research process, write down any ideas or concepts that stand out to you, and then return to this guide to proceed with the rest of the development process.

To provide you with an idea of some options, here are some popular types of websites and how you can create them:

how to make a website - choose your type of website

Please note that the types of websites mentioned are not mutually exclusive. You can establish an online store that also features a blog, or you can create a blog and then sell merchandise. When you create your own website, you have the flexibility to decide what features make the most sense for your needs. You can bring various elements together to create a site that is tailored to your requirements.

“Just like humans, every website has its own unique needs. Try to define those needs and the goals you want to achieve in order to create a successful and truly original website.”

- Adi Huri, Product Marketing Lead for the Wix Brand

If you have already decided on the type of website you want to create, you can start from scratch or browse through website templates that are categorized. There, you will find a wide variety of professionally designed templates for every imaginable website niche. Exploring these templates can provide you with specific inspiration and help you understand what elements you might want to include on your site.

02. Select a website builder

There are various methods available to create a website, and different Wix tools can assist you based on your experience and needs. Below are some suggested pathways and explanations on how they work and who they are best suited for:

1. Wix ADI

2. Wix Editor

a. Templates

b. From scratch

c. Velo

3. Hire a Professional

01. Wix ADI - AI website builder

Best for: the complete beginner or someone who needs a website made quickly

Wix ADI is a free website creation platform that utilizes AI website builder technology to build a custom website for you in just minutes. Initially, you will need to answer some questions about the type of website you are looking for, its desired contents, and your design preferences. Then, let the tool do the heavy lifting. It will generate a site tailored to your preferences, complete with personalized design and content. It will also provide a mobile-optimized version of your site without any additional adjustments.

You can make design changes or tweaks as you see fit, but the technical aspects will be taken care of. For more advanced capabilities, you can switch to the regular Wix Editor to add additional elements. We highly recommend trying Wix ADI if you are unsure about creating a site yourself, need more time, or want a great starting point for your site.

02. Wix Editor

Best for: anyone looking to create their own site. Can be a beginner or experienced.

The Wix Editor is a platform that allows you to create and edit your own sites. It utilizes drag and drop technology, making it easy to add or change elements on your site, and offers a range of design options. The Editor provides different routes to create a professional website and offers flexibility to adjust your site as needed.

Learn more about website building and design with the Wix Editor online course.

a. Templates

Best for: templates are suitable for everyone who wants to create a website.

Website templates are a great choice for anyone looking to create their own site. Wix offers over 900 professionally designed templates, ensuring that there is a template for every website niche. We recommend exploring these website templates by category to find one that suits your needs. You can also find inspiration and see how templates look in action through these Wix websites. No matter which template you choose, the Wix Editor allows you to add and remove site elements easily, so you can customize the look and feel of your site.

How to create a website - choose Website Templates

b. Create a website from scratch

Best for: those who feel comfortable with design and enjoy a blank canvas.

If you want to build a website from scratch, the Wix Editor is a great option. You can choose a blank canvas or a minimal template without additional design, and add the elements you want. Once you have selected a blank template, use the Wix Editor to drag and drop the components you desire. This gives you complete creative freedom to design your site and add any elements you want.

For more customization and control over code, you can try Wix Studio.

how to make a website - select your templates

c. Velo - coding a website

Best for: those looking for advanced customization capabilities.

With the Wix Editor, you can use Velo by Wix to add custom functionality to your website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can start designing your site with the Editor and then add databases to create dynamic content or use the integrated code editor to customize the functionality and interactivity of your site. You can also use Wix website apps on your site and customize their behavior using Velo APIs. Velo is seamlessly embedded within Wix sites and allows you to add your own custom code by turning on "Dev Mode" in the Wix Editor. Additionally, Velo provides production tools to monitor and fix web apps in real time.

If you want to code your own website, check out Wix's open-source, headless platform.

how to make a website - use velo by wix

03. Hire a professional

Best for: those looking for an extra professional look without much time on their own.

If you are looking for

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