The 10 Best Mediterranean Caterers in Arlington, VA 2023

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The 10 Best Mediterranean Caterers in Arlington, VA 2023

The pricing for catering primarily depends on the level of sophistication desired for the food and service, as well as the number of guests you plan to have. When considering hiring a caterer for your event, it is important to take into account both the number of guests attending and your overall budget for food and beverages. The average cost for event catering in the country is approximately $340, although catering fees can range into the thousands based on factors such as menu selection, number of guests, and level of service provided.

Event catering encompasses a wide range of possibilities, from ready-to-eat food that hosts can serve themselves to full-service, multi-course meals that include rentals of linens, glassware, and other necessary items, complete with service staff provided by the catering company. Typically, caterers will determine the cost based on the nature of the event, number of attendees, desired level of service, and menu preferences. For example, if you have a fixed catering budget of $1,500 and anticipate 50 guests, that would amount to $30 per person for food. Likewise, if you have the same budget but 100 guests, the allocation per person would be $15. Thus, the number of attendees and the desired quality of food are influential factors in determining the total catering expenses for an event.


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