The 38 Best Toronto Restaurants

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The 38 Best Toronto Restaurants

The dining scene in Toronto feels young and hungry, a perpetual underdog with a lot to prove. Chefs are constantly seeking out collaborations and finessing their craft on the fly, tossing outdated hierarchies as they go. The Michelin Guide, which arrived to “verify” the city’s best restaurants in fall 2022, was only the latest belated recognition for a culinary community with endless drive.

The city has also become known for its multiculturalism. The whopping 158 neighborhoods reflect the various groups who have immigrated to Toronto over the centuries, subsequently carving out food havens and hubs of their own. That diversity has lent a certain malleability to the restaurant scene. Toronto doesn’t really have a steadfast signature dish (no disrespect to the late legendary chef Anthony Bourdain, but that insipid peameal bacon sandwich was never “a thing” with locals) and the city may never coalesce around one item. The vast tapestry of food heritage could never be encapsulated in a single meal.

There’s an endless smorgasbord in Toronto, a feast of Ethiopian, Syrian, Sichuan, Caribbean, French, and any other kinds of cuisine you can think of. Good thing the city’s residents and visitors are just as hungry as its chefs.

Tiffany Leigh is a BIPOC freelance journalist with degrees in communications and business. Additionally, she has a culinary background and is the recipient of the Clay Triplette James Beard Foundation scholarship. She has reported on travel, food and drink, beauty, wellness, and fashion for publications such as VinePair, Wine Enthusiast, Business Insider, Dwell, Fashion Magazine, Elle (US), Departures, Travel + Leisure, Vogue (US), Food & Wine Magazine, Bon Appetit, Shape Magazine, USA TODAY, and many more.


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