The Best Restaurants in Bakersfield Right Now

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The Best Restaurants in Bakersfield Right Now


OpenTable Diner

Fresno / San Joaquin Valley •1 review

The waiter that we had was excellent . Seriously the dude went above and beyond for us. I really really love most of the waiters and waitresses at this restaurant and I even love the host. They are all really awesome people. But when it came to my food when I asked for my steak, well done, I myself know how to make my steak well done to where it is still juicy and not dried out. My steak was very dried out. I asked for the brussels sprouts with the brown sugar it didn’t even taste like the brussels sprouts had any brown sugar put on them. The brussels sprouts were undercooked so they still tasted like raw/hard to me so I was not happy with what the chef did but I figured chef was probably busy in the back probably had a lot going on, and that was just probably a one time thing where the food was just a little offset . Come to this restaurant alot it is one of my favorite places so I am going to just assume that it was just an off night for the kitchen because usually the kitchen is as well outstanding just like all of the workers so I do appreciate all of you guys. I appreciate your hard work But just make sure that you are cooking the brussels sprouts enough to make sure they are soft tasting and make sure when you’re cooking the steak well done that you don’t make it dry if I can make my steak well done at home but not dry so can you guys, at the restaurant. But like I said, your guys restaurant is my favorite so I will be back. Thank you guys so much. Have a blessed day.

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