The Sweet Lemon Kitchen | Fresh, Farm-to-Table Cafe and Catering

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The Sweet Lemon Kitchen | Fresh, Farm-to-Table Cafe and Catering

Seated in this bistro, a tangible realization of our aspirations, I'm overwhelmed. Every time a new patron steps into our establishment or I witness our tables bustling with guests for breakfast or lunch, I can hardly believe it. The path to reach this point has been lengthy and meandering. I am appreciative of every stride taken.

Greetings! I am Rachel Cummins, the Culinary Mastermind behind the Delicious Citrus. My journey into the culinary world did not commence with my current title. Initially, I was immersed in the environmental sector before transitioning to a role as a homemaker. Embarking on studies at the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin, I was chasing my culinary passion without anticipating that it would lead me here.

My dedication to delivering wholesome, natural cuisine to the Georgetown region and championing local producers has brought me to this juncture. The Sweet Lemon Kitchen affords me the opportunity to impart this fervor to my hometown, which in itself is gratifying. Witnessing it evolve into a sought-after spot for breakfast and lunch is truly the cherry on top, as the saying goes!

Come visit us! Your cheerful countenance is a welcome sight among our regular patrons. Whether you wish for us to manage your special occasion catering or prefer to partake in a tranquil morning coffee respite, there's more than just delectable dishes here. You'll discover a sense of kinship. That, to us, is the ultimate endorsement!


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