Welcome – The Shack

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Welcome – The Shack

Joshua Davis

A Delicious Cool Gem

Shannon Socolosky

Shannon Socolosky


The Shack was a refreshingly unique experience and we are still talking about the incredible flavors we enjoyed there. When we walked in to the tiny restaurant, we noticed the interior is completely unpretentious. At the Shack, the focus is the meal you will enjoy there and we really enjoyed that. We had a wonderful five course meal (with extra gifts added from the chef) and each had a different wine paring. The wine was very intelligently paired and really just made the evening. My husband and I had different food and wine with each course and with one of the courses we were each given a Chenin Blanc that were so radically different. We loved it, and the food was equally exciting. The chef meandered from Asian to Italian cuisine while sewing a thread of Appalachia through each course to tie it all together. Really inspired food and we cannot wait to return. *The food was beautifully plated but we did not take photos so you will just have to go enjoy it for yourself to see the chefs creations...they will likely be different next week anyway.

Tony Cash

Great place all around

El Summers

Remember when your mother said not to judge a book by its cover? The Shack is a small brick building in downtown Staunton that has eclectic decor with mismatched chairs and what appears to be amateur photos on the wall, like you may see in your grandmother's house. It's fun, warm, and welcoming! The tasting menu is not just a flavorful fare for your mouth, but each dish is presented like a work of art, a culinary feast of color and texture! Chef Boden's menu is a fantastic fusion of cultural favorites, guided by his Eastern European Jewish roots, sourced from local farmers, and served with Virginia hospitality. We added the wine pairing, which allowed us to explore wines outside what we would usually select, which enhanced each course and the experience! Cheers to a delightful dinner!

Amy SR

Food and service is excellent. Dedicated team that cares about what they are doing here. Creative local farm-to-table with high end presentation. We love the tasting menu and love how they try new things. A must visit when we pass through VA.


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